A new 3-part video series, which can be accessed through the Girl Scout Why Not Youtube Channel linked below, shares the many pro-life concerns with Girl Scouts USA and showcases members from three former Girl Scout families. Each video has an accompanying video documentation guide, so that the video content can be documented and verified. Please click the links below to view the video or the documentation guide.

Part 1: Features Madelyn, a former Girl Scout teen from Georgia. Madelyn explores the problematic curriculum that exposes girls to abortion rights advocacy groups and role models. She also shows how the official GS blog links girls to resources with graphic explicit sexual content. 

Watch the Part 1 video here.  See the Part 1 documentation guide here.

Part 2: Features Ann, a mom of a former fourth-generation Girl Scout from Missouri.  Ann focuses on GSUSA relationships that conflict with the prolife position including the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), the international scouting organization of which GSUSA is a founder and primary funder.  Ann explores GSUSA's other concerning relationships as well. 

Watch the Part 2 video hereSee the Part 2 documentation guide here.

Part 3: Features Mickie, a dad of a former Girl Scout and husband of a former Girl Scout leader from Florida.  Mickie provides a father’s perspective on the Girl Scouts issues and explains how each of us can share the truth and protect girls from the Girl Scouts’ harmful curriculum and relationships. 

Watch the Part 3 video hereSee the Part 3 documentation guide here.